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At The Natural and Organic Pet our philosophy is that a good, high-quality diet is the best way to 
keep your pets in optimal health. 
Before commercial pet food became popular, pets ate whatever they could hunt.  Pets now depend on us for their food. 
At the Natural and Organic Pet, we have done the research and carry only the highest quality foods and treats for cats and dogs. 
Each animal, just as each person, is a different individual and has different needs. For those pets experiencing health issues, we stock a large selection of remedies to help the body heal itself. Our selection includes products for hip & joint, skin & coat, anxiety, digestion, immune support, urinary care, as well as eye, ear, and dental products. 
Our Services include a Holistic Animal Consultant and a Clinical Pet Nutritionist on staff full time to work with you and your veterinarian to enhance and support your pet’s health.
With proper nutrition and preventative medical care, we can help our pets to live a longer and healthier life.
Together, let's keep them well.